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Brown Girl Paranoia Syndrome (BGPS)

For immigrant daughters or anyone straddling multiple cultures and spheres at once, you know for a fact that 95% of the mates you… more »

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات i was 7 small

Why I stopped Picking Up His Calls!

When I was attempting to apply for theater in Lebanese University, I had to write a script and perform it in front of… more »

Health & Well-being / صحة ورفاهية why-arent-i-an-emergency-case-300x600

Why Wasn’t I An Emergency Case?

When teta passed away in February, my father and I hadn’t spoken to each other for over two years. My relationship with him… more »

Personal Stories

Familiar Voices

Part I “Baddi i7kiki bi mawdou3 mouhim”1 I am pretty sure that the mother-daughter marriage conversations are familiar to most of you. I… more »

Readers' Corner

I Love You!

I love you! Was it that hard to say? You knew I did, I couldn’t hide it. You were sleeping; I whispered it… more »

Trans Column

Big Crazy Dysfunctional Family.

I’m not a victim. But lately I feel like I’m the odd one out… A year ago I was still struggling with myself.… more »

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بالأوّل كنت إستصعب كتير إنو حاول إفتح موضوع المثلية أمام أهلي لأنّو كانوا من النوع يلّي بيستهزئ بالـ”gays/lesbians”#. من دون ما يعرفوا كانوا… more »

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Fehesh. Araf. Jaye.

Lying next to Teta in her bed on a beautiful summer day, I don’t know if it was the heat or the hormones… more »