Bebe ، هيك كان اسمك على التلفون… كنت البيبي تبعي، اليوم بطّلت إلي، بقدرش أسميك البيبي تبعها أو تبعه، فسميتك Tamir. إنت شاب… more »

I Love You!

I love you! Was it that hard to say? You knew I did, I couldn’t hide it. You were sleeping; I whispered it… more »

I’m Apart

Filled with strong emotions, I walk alone in the street, Day and night, I search for something missing in my heart, And I… more »

.عم بشتقلك إنت ومعي

كنت أنطرها كل يوم بنفس التّوقيت، كل يوم تكون النّطرة كأنّو صرلي شهر ما شفتا، كون مشتاقتلا والشّوق قاتلني، ناطرة شوف هيدا الوجّ… more »

A Bit Cliché. But What The Hell?

She’s a mess. She’s a mess. But all she cares about is herself Her talent has to grow And her personality overflow Bye… more »

What Happens in Italy, Stays With Me Forever!

A few years back I had the opportunity to attend one of the most interesting conference/workshop/gathering I’ve ever attended in Rome, Italy called… more »

Inside Out!

Why does my mind always tell me different to what my heart feels deep inside?Have you ever been in a situation where you… more »

Mou2assasit El Darak Kella Sawa

  Is it weird to “need” happiness for a man who isn’t your flesh and blood, who isn’t your lover, who for that… more »