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Put The Gender in The Box

Directed and Written by abdo al raQissa Assistant Director and Set Design Qidette

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات i was 7 small

Why I stopped Picking Up His Calls!

When I was attempting to apply for theater in Lebanese University, I had to write a script and perform it in front of… more »

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I’m Not Trans Enough

The first trans person I came out to told me he would rather refer to me as a woman. I guess I was… more »


Abdo’s Contradictions

Last week the Bekhsoos team met to talk about the writing block that some of us are struggling with. We played a game:… more »

Featured Articles

An Exotic Veiled Woman

Three years ago I wrote an articleabout being veiled and gay in Lebanon and how proud I was of that; and over the… more »

Poetry, Ramblings & Fiction

Out Of Service

I sit in the living room trying to write about sex, put on my laptop and start to squeeze my brain and think… more »


You Are My TV Show

You are my TV show. You are that first kiss I have seen. I will never forget that first kiss. I will never… more »

Trans Column

Bring It On!!!

A few days ago, my dad sat with my brother and I and let out all the homophobia and sexism that I simply… more »