I’m Not Trans Enough

The first trans person I came out to told me he would rather refer to me as a woman. I guess I was… more »

Traveling While Transgender

Taxi drivers think I’m a boy all the time. Especially at night. I used to enjoy it. I used to feel myself, at… more »

Big Crazy Dysfunctional Family.

I’m not a victim. But lately I feel like I’m the odd one out… A year ago I was still struggling with myself.… more »

١٤ كانون الثاني: مش متل أي يوم ثاني

أنا مش ضليع كتير باللغة العربية، ولا حتى بالإعراب. بس بما إنو عايش بهالبلد، استطعت إنو أنشئ قواعد إعراب جديدة بتطبق على الواقع… more »

أنا الشعب الأعمى، وانتي بصيرتي

كتير حكينا بالاجتماعات البخصوصية عن “رايترز بلوك” (يعني فقدان القدرة على الكتابة) وصراحةً عم بقرأ المقال إللي نشرناه عن الأسباب والحلول، ومش عم لاقي مشكلتي فيه.

And It Got Serious When…

And it got serious when… Two years ago around this time is when I came out to my parents, after years of subtle… more »

My Wish List This Year.

Dear Santa, First of all, Merry Christmas. This is probably the first letter I write for Christmas. I never had a wishing list… more »

Memories in Meem

I can hardly believe it has almost been a year! I remember the day we first met, when I was just a little… more »