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Signposts from Al Qaws: A Decade of Building a Queer Palestinian Discourse

Haneen Maikey Based on Haneen Maikey’s speech at the conference organized by Aswat – May 2012, and patiently translated to English by Claudine… more »

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From the Belly of Arab Queer Activism: Challenges and Opportunities

Lynn Darwich and Haneen Maikey Introduction Lately, the murmurs of Arab LGBT activists have been rising against a “trend” whose critical discourse delves… more »


ما تعبت كون الثورة

أهم شي بحياتي إنتِ، وأهم شي الكسرة اللي بتدل عالتأنيث، وتاء التأنيث الساكنة سكون ما قبل العاصفة، ونون النسوة، وكل شي بالنهاية بوصّل… more »

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International Day Against Homophobia: Between the Western Experience and the Reality of Gay Communities

The anti-homophobia discourse is being used for other oppressive ends too Haneen Maikey and Sami Shamali The 17th of May is the International… more »

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May 22: International Day Against Homophobia and Transphobia

In congruence with the yearly activities done pertaining the International Day against Homophobia and Transphobia. Helem is delighted to invite you to attend… more »

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IDAHO 2011: Street Campaigns, Blogging, and More Events

The International Day Against Homophobia is a yearly occasion to remind the world that the fight for gay rights is not over yet.… more »

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On Queers and Political Movements

As we approach our 6th annual celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on May 17 (now a tradition of the Lebanese LGBT community), it is important that we reflect on the particular significance of the event this year within the wider political atmosphere in Lebanon. LGBT activists have been involved in the recent anti-sectarian movement as participants, organizers, and critical observers, and our involvement, predictably, has not passed without clashes and antagonism.

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Lebanese LGBT Bloggers Unite To Speak Out Against Homophobia

Save the date: May 17th – The International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) Lebanon might not have a flashy gay parade with rainbow flags… more »