Queer Blog Round Up

So many new queer Lebanese blogs have sprouted over the past year, which is fantastic news! Bekhsoos will be featuring a round-up with… more »

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That Queer Feeling in Your Gut

I don’t get why people think “queer” is advanced or privileged politics. As if it’s difficult theory or something so complicated that people… more »

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Bekhsoos Blocked in Tunisia

Bekhsoos is tagged as pornographic content and blocked in Tunisia using McAfee’s SmartFilter web filtering software.. To help your friends in Arab countries that censor… more »

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We, the Gender Confusing

We, the gender confusing humans, would like to announce the creation of a new category of humans, henceforth referred to as the Gender… more »


Be Not Afraid

We learned a long time ago, us queer kids, how to live in fear. When the phone rang at home, when a friend… more »

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On Queers and Political Movements

As we approach our 6th annual celebration of the International Day Against Homophobia (IDAHO) on May 17 (now a tradition of the Lebanese LGBT community), it is important that we reflect on the particular significance of the event this year within the wider political atmosphere in Lebanon. LGBT activists have been involved in the recent anti-sectarian movement as participants, organizers, and critical observers, and our involvement, predictably, has not passed without clashes and antagonism.

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Same Sex, Same Sect

A comic about same sex and same sex!

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How To Hide Your Friends On Facebook

This is our third article on online security tips for queers. Here is the first and second. For some, it might be helpful… more »