Security Plans, Part One: At the Physical Level

Security Plans, Part One: At the Physical Level I went to Brussels to assist in a workshop on security for human rights defenders… more »

Where Were You When Bekhsoos Was Offline?

“Where were you when 9/11 happened?” has become a classic question given how that date has changed the world especially for those of us living on this side of the world.

ما تعبت كون الثورة

أهم شي بحياتي إنتِ، وأهم شي الكسرة اللي بتدل عالتأنيث، وتاء التأنيث الساكنة سكون ما قبل العاصفة، ونون النسوة، وكل شي بالنهاية بوصّل… more »

اليوم سألتك قديش بتحبيني؟

اليوم الصبح متل كل يوم، سألتك قديش بتحبيني! صدفت كنتي عم تلعبي بخاتمنا، وقلتيلي بتحبيني “هلللللقد”. “هلقد” قد الخاتم يعني. وكنت زعلت لو… more »

The Mug Girl Goes To The March

Collective Struggle and Social Change: A Revolution of my Own

A witness from the North West Mediterranean shore. When I was younger, I firmly wanted to bring about a revolution in my society.… more »

That Night

I was 14 and I was crying because my sister had said something bad about my best friend. At the time, I didn’t… more »

Sitna Zainab: An Activist for Justice

Growing up in a very religious family, I was raised on Muslim Shiite values; my sibling and I were named after the grandchildren… more »