Mug Turned Into Paper

It all happened when they went hunting.

It was a mission, something they had to do. Of course, we were on the balcony.

The balcony, the faces and all the expressions looked very different while collecting the birds

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You, Mug, You

I wonder: Would this mug be able to inspire me? “Dance to your own rhythm.” “Become a bee keeper.” “Life is short, stay… more »


Petit Chaperon Multicolore

Il était une fois une fille, très gentille, aimable et serviable. Elle aimait porter une cape portant les couleurs de l’arc en ciel,… more »

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هيدي قصتي

قصتي بالمشبرح… الحياة أوقات بتكون عبثية… أوقات مملة… أوقات بتقتلك من البسط… وبكتير أوقات بتكون غريبة… الغريب بقصتي هي الطريقة يللى وصلني فيها… more »

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The Secrets We Carry: Stories of Molestation (Part 2)

This is the continuation of  “The Secrets We Carry: Stories of Molestation” Read Part 1 here. Carla was the first to open up… more »


جسد الست أصيلة

بلشت قصة الست أصيلة لمن مات زوجها وهي عمرها 21 سنة، وعندها 4 ولاد (ملاحظة: الست أصيلة تزوجت بعمر ال 14). اليوم عمرها… more »

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I’ve never really been religious. I grew up with a father who is very anti-religious and I considered myself very lucky for that.… more »

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The Secrets We Carry: Stories of Molestation (Part 1)

“It all revolves around the number five. When I was young, I was known to be ghannoujet el beit. People would always come to cuddle me, I never said no! I was young when these experiences happened to me and I do remember them as if they happened yesterday, like a nightmare that will never end. Every time I face it, I make it disappear for a while, only to sneak up on me a couple of months later [...]