Mug Turned Into Paper

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It all happened when they went hunting.

It was a mission, something they had to do. Of course, we were on the balcony.

The balcony, the faces and all the expressions looked very different while collecting the birds (who do hunt each other when needed, naturally.)

Also, that voice in my head coming from far away was asking me to write about a certain green bottle.
Oh well, I did not bump into the green bottle yet. Not today.

They say I blabber too much.

I bumped into to the voice.

One thing was very special though; the mug was on the edge of the table.
Except it was its paper version (I still hold the same dear opinion, might I add).

That mug turned into paper.

It was a sign.
Maybe it came from the hunters because they were there again.

The balcony was so inviting that when I started to scratch my brains; I excited this balloon that popped out so gently and flew up to the sky real slowly. I tilted my head and watched it for some time. It was blue.
My friend, the transtaurus (taurus trapped into a bird’s body), transferred this image into a statement, a sentence (starts with a capital letter and ends with a dot).
It became a statement and I had a feeling it was going to come true.

I was hunted.
We all hunt.

So, this balloon..
It was nice.
Let go.

- Contributed by The Mug Girl


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