You, Mug, You

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I wonder: Would this mug be able to inspire me?

“Dance to your own rhythm.”
“Become a bee keeper.”
“Life is short, stay awake for it.”
“Start right now.”

Yes, I am quoting a mug.

“Continue more conversations offline.”
“Smile first, ask questions later.”

Okay, the mug is starting to really annoy me.

The coffee shop is full of people, straight people, people who are this mug in other contexts. Maybe even here…

“Compliment a stranger.”
“Do it for love, not for profit.”

Oh, yes, Mr. Mug, yes. Sure.

I am really starting to feel there’s something about this tiny mug that reminds me of my mother. Well, My parents in general…

Was there a book full of those brilliant orders about how to live our lives and I never got the chance to put my hands on it? Did you? Do you know what I am talking about?

It’s when the horned deer tells the fish how to swim in the ocean.
Or it is the moon giving the sun a lecture about how to rise.

The sun rises every morning and I am sure many of us miss that almost every day, but hell, we have coffee mugs! Why do we need the sunrise, really?

“Indulge in chocolate therapy.”
“Be the first to enter and the last to leave the dance floor.”

Do you not think the mug is getting just a little hypocritical?

Do you see where I am going with this?

It’s like when you have so much empathy for the person who cleans your streets but throw your tissue outside the car window because, um, I don’t know why.

It’s when you constantly want to see flaws in other people because you need it for so and so reasons. And no, let’s not get into psychology now.

Why is there one way to do things or to see things or to know things? (A lot of “things” in that question, huh?)

I mean, we all have a different pair of eyes and ears. We have different noses and brains. We do not share the same organs now, do we? Ooh, maybe society is our collective organ. All in one.

Impressive, I must say.

No, mother, I do not believe in god. (Oh wow, Microsoft Word didn’t underline the non-capitalized god!)

No, mug, I don’t want to be the last to leave the dance floor. If everyone followed your advice then nobody will ever leave the dance floor. Oh, maybe that’s what you mean… Smart. Smart, little coffee mug.

At least the coffee tastes good, let me be fair. Wait, I need to go to the bathroom.

- Contributed by The Mug Girl


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