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Brown Girl Paranoia Syndrome (BGPS)

For immigrant daughters or anyone straddling multiple cultures and spheres at once, you know for a fact that 95% of the mates you… more »


الجسد بين ضيق الدين ورحابة الفن

نقلاً عن موقع قاديتا قد فصلت الديانات جميعها، ببراعة جرَّاح، الروح عن الجسد. ومن ثم ربطت بالشياطين كل ما يحمله الجسد من صفات… more »

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مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”

  مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”   طلعة النويري، فوق المحكمة الجعفرية، بوجه سوبر ماركت “مصطفى”، هونيك كانت مدرستي. بتذكر لما كنت روح… more »

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Transsexuality in the Spotlight

There’s been a number of media articles, video reports, and studies the past couple of weeks about transsexuality and transgender identities. New TV did an interview report with two transgenders, male and female. You can watch it below. The Daily Star published a feature entitled “Transgenders Lead an Alternative Life in Lebanon.” Both were done with a supportive angle. And perhaps most importantly, the Legal Agenda published an article (Arabic) on the legalities of sex change in identification papers in Lebanon, citing some valuable references.


BDSM: a ‘Sick’ Practice for ‘Sick’ People

I must have been fourteen when, wandering in a bookstore, I came across an arty collection of BDSM and fetish photographs. A strange… more »

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My Kind Of Revolution

Having been born and raised amid continuous wars, trying to have a normal childhood in bunks or while my parents kept moving us… more »

Bareed 3a Mahlo

The Belly of the Beast: A Lesbian in a Heterosexual World

Nicky was the prison inmate – a beautiful, intelligent, and confidently gay woman who had been locked up for defending her girlfriend from… more »

Fesheh Khel'ik

How Do You Feel About Your Hymen?

The Hymen. Symbol of virginity, chastity, and a patriarchal symbol of honor… We have been brought up to believe that our hymens are… more »