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شي مرة شفتي متل هالقهوة من قبل؟ وفكرتي تشتريها؟ اذا شفتيها بالصيدلية معقول تشتريها؟ اذا حدا ضيّفك ياها، بتشربيها؟ طب انتي، معقول تشربي… more »

What Did You Wish For This Time Around?

Santa Clause was making his list and checking it twice, and just for once nobody was naughty and everyone was nice – we… more »

How Do You Feel About Your Gender?

How do you feel about your gender? Do you identify as a man? As a woman? Neither? Ana rejjeil la’enno… Ana mara la’enno…… more »

What Do You Think of Top/Bottom Labels for Lesbians?

What do you think of the Top/Bottom labels for lesbians? Do you identify with one of them? Is it just a myth? Do you… more »

What did you think of the NTV and FTV shows on homosexuality in Lebanon?

Over the past two weeks, two Lebanese TV stations ran shows tackling homosexuality in Lebanon.

How Do You Feel About Gay-Owned and Gay-Friendly ِEstablishments?

In this week’s “Fisheh Khel’ik”, we thought we’d put the spotlight on gay-owned and gay-friendly establishments. How do you feel about them? This… more »

Do You Know Your Rights?

In this week’s “Fesheh Khel’ik”, we’re curious to know where you stand on the following topic: Irrespective of how you identify, how empowered… more »

How Do You Feel About Your Hymen?

The Hymen. Symbol of virginity, chastity, and a patriarchal symbol of honor… We have been brought up to believe that our hymens are… more »