Omit The Question Mark

Since I’ve started university, I’ve had considerably less time to do certain things I used to before; and when I say “before,” I… more »

If Only You Could See Me

Why am I blocked? Out of words? Unable to describe? What is it with me that I am looking at a blank page… more »

Amto, I know!

It was yet to be one of the worst nights of my life, skyping with my aunt in Canada regarding my uncle’s death;… more »

Bowling for a Third Gender

When I think about it, I don’t really identify as neither a man, nor a woman. I grew up within a conservative environment.… more »

Just because I’m seen as a girl and I like girls, doesn’t mean I’m a lesbian

When I was a child I used to do what made me feel good and comfortable, from playing games I enjoyed to behaving… more »

The Belly of the Beast: A Lesbian in a Heterosexual World

Nicky was the prison inmate – a beautiful, intelligent, and confidently gay woman who had been locked up for defending her girlfriend from… more »

What Made Me Who I Am Today

I was thinking all night, trying to pick which part of my life or which story would be best to share with you.… more »

That Night

I was 14 and I was crying because my sister had said something bad about my best friend. At the time, I didn’t… more »