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هالمرة، رح خبّر عن حالي

ولا مرة فكرت أكتب شي عني، أو حتى جرب أكتب أي معلومة بتدل عني. من أنا وطفلة صغيرة كنت عايشة حياتي كقصة خيالية،… more »

Arabic عربي

دعوة لتغطية التظاهرة الكبرى ضد الاغتصاب

بيروت، 09 كانون الثاني 2012 – تدعوكم/ن “المجموعة النسوية” الى التظاهرة التي تنظمها يوم السبت المقبل في 14 كانون الثاني الجاري تحت عنوان… more »

Personal Stories

I Hate New Year’s Eve… And Skirts

The year is drawing to an end, with its good and bad; with the ups and downs, the hook-ups and the break-ups and the happily-ever-afters

The Fantastic Homosexual

At the age of 14

I have spent the last 15 years or so actively suppressing what I am about to share with you, so I am not… more »

Bayneh w Baynik

Bayneh W Baynik: Artful

Living Gay

Innocence Slaughtered

And innocence died… Being the blunt person I am, I shall say it… I was raped. My body was raped, some might say,… more »

Living Gay

When Innocence Died

It was in January when my mother asked me to go to the supermarket and buy her shampoo. I was thirteen. I put… more »

Personal Stories

The Secrets We Carry: Stories of Molestation (Part 2)

This is the continuation of  “The Secrets We Carry: Stories of Molestation” Read Part 1 here. Carla was the first to open up… more »