You Can Never Go Home Again.

They say you can never go home again. It seems I will never learn this lesson. “You are a man. What you are… more »

Wounded Rhymes – Hometown Glory (Part 2)

“They are growing weaker by the day,” Alex thought. He did not know if this was merely solace on his behalf, a figment of his ever-growing imagination, or soon to be fact.

Wounded Rhymes – Hometown Glory (Part 1)

Is there anybody going to listen to my story, all about the boy who came to stay…

Alex lay sprawled across the length of his bed at midnight; the only light penetrating the room was coming from the full moon that shone outside.

Innocence Slaughtered

And innocence died… Being the blunt person I am, I shall say it… I was raped. My body was raped, some might say,… more »

When Innocence Died

It was in January when my mother asked me to go to the supermarket and buy her shampoo. I was thirteen. I put… more »

The Ship Sails

Previously on Living Gay He’d applied to the scholarship not having the least hope of being accepted. But he was. And he was… more »

Love Waits in Faraya

Previously on Living Gay: Walking Home Harry and Jad have planned the whole thing together. The surprise washes away all my doubts and… more »

Walking Home

They ask me: “Turning point? Seriously?” “Yes,” I say. “That night was a turning point.” It was the night that I fell in… more »