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Put The Gender in The Box

Directed and Written by abdo al raQissa Assistant Director and Set Design Qidette

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14 كانون الثاني…اليوم المصيري.

14 كانون الثاني 2012 كان يوماً مصيرياً في تاريخ الحركة النسوية في لبنان، حيث نظمت مظاهرة كبيرة ضد الإغتصاب، والتحرش الجنسي ودعماً لقانون… more »

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Best Of The Sex Special Issue: Dirty Mouth: The Politics of Sex Talk in Public Spaces

Dear Readers, As many of you have noticed and complained about, Bekhsoos has been on a break for a while now. We apologize for… more »


Asexual Perspective on Sex

You’re probably wondering what an asexual is doing contributing to an issue of Bekhsoos that’s dedicated to sex. Well, apart from the fact… more »

Featured Articles

Discrimination Against LGBT: A Medical Legacy?

For almost two years, my obsession has been to improve lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women’s access to health services in Lebanon. Throughout… more »

Lead Story

Dirty Mouth: The Politics of Sex Talk in Public Spaces

I am a dirty mouth who needs to be silenced.

This is what constitutes my parents’ most profound struggle when, before our family Sundays, they remind me every time to “watch it”, keep my mouth shut, and smile. It also must be what my college teachers think of me in the back of their heads when they shake it in reprobation, calling me twisted and other equally dismissive verdicts that always start with: “You need help”. Even among my lesbian friends, I’m always “too much”.


Hollywood Did, Now Isn’t It Time For Pro-Athletes To Come Out?

After many decades of actors and actresses who are in the limelight choosing to remain closeted for fear that they will no longer… more »

Opinion Pieces

Divide and Rule!

Recently, I have been pondering the excess to which western GLBTQ organizations managed to reach many of the goals they have been fighting for