Familiar Voices

Part I “Baddi i7kiki bi mawdou3 mouhim”1 I am pretty sure that the mother-daughter marriage conversations are familiar to most of you. I… more »

To Femininity

I remember when I was a kid, how I would get up very early each morning and make sure that everyone else is… more »

“يصطادوننا لمتعتهم”

الكويت: يجب وقف انتهاكات الشرطة لحقوق النساء متحولات الجنس قانون “التشبه بالجنس الآخر” يؤدي إلى التعذيب والتوقيف التعسفي كانون الثاني 15, 2012 (مدينة… more »

Mama, A Painful Memory.

Memories. Painful memories. The world just can’t get enough of them; I can’t get enough of them. I lost my mother 9 years… more »

I Decided to Write

I am overwhelmed so I decided to write. I decided to write because I feel lucky,  because I am surrounded by exceptional folks,… more »

I Hate New Year’s Eve… And Skirts

The year is drawing to an end, with its good and bad; with the ups and downs, the hook-ups and the break-ups and the happily-ever-afters

The Ugly Duckling

Growing up in a house where I could always relate to the “Ugly Duckling” story, isn’t that fun? Ever since I was born,… more »

مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”

  مدرستي اللي كنت فيها “غير”   طلعة النويري، فوق المحكمة الجعفرية، بوجه سوبر ماركت “مصطفى”، هونيك كانت مدرستي. بتذكر لما كنت روح… more »