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Brown Girl Paranoia Syndrome (BGPS)

For immigrant daughters or anyone straddling multiple cultures and spheres at once, you know for a fact that 95% of the mates you… more »

Misqueerious / متكويريات my-friend-290x150

My Friend!

It’s funny how fast time flies. Four years have passed since the day we got drunk in Trafalgar square, you with your bottle… more »

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات palm-trees-290x150

Palm Trees

It’s been two years since I last saw her–my high school best friend, my little secret, my desire, and recently, a fantasy. We… more »

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Familiar Voices

Part I “Baddi i7kiki bi mawdou3 mouhim”1 I am pretty sure that the mother-daughter marriage conversations are familiar to most of you. I… more »

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.عم بشتقلك إنت ومعي

كنت أنطرها كل يوم بنفس التّوقيت، كل يوم تكون النّطرة كأنّو صرلي شهر ما شفتا، كون مشتاقتلا والشّوق قاتلني، ناطرة شوف هيدا الوجّ… more »

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Fehesh. Araf. Jaye.

Lying next to Teta in her bed on a beautiful summer day, I don’t know if it was the heat or the hormones… more »

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أهلك بيعرفوا عنك؟

أهلك بيعرفوا عنك؟ كل مرة حدا بيسألني أهلك بيعرفو عنك؟ الجواب بكون لأ! مع إنو شوي كتير شكلي بدل إنو أنا لزبيان. صراحة… more »

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You Are A girl! You Can’t Be Gay!

To give you some context: I’m an Egyptian from a Coptic Orthodox family, born and raised in Los Angeles, now living in Beirut.… more »