I’m Apart

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Filled with strong emotions, I walk alone in the street,
Day and night, I search for something missing in my heart,
And I find that my humble life has suddenly become incomplete.
With such a short period of time, I realize that I’m apart.
Apart of everyone I know, apart of everything I once knew,
I walk in circles, because confusion has conquered my world,
Pathetic I am, I no longer have an ambition, a dream to pursue,
Hopeless I have become, I feel like I have been accidentally hurled.
I’m ashamed of myself, because I should be the one to know me best,
I lost my identity in a place where I’m not allowed to look and search,
And in my own home, where I used to be myself, I feel like a guest ;
I’m walking into a strange mosque, where I should walk into my church.
I am constantly looking for answers to questions I haven’t asked myself yet,
I’ve travelled East and West, and haven’t found the place where I belong,
And life is a test, either you pass or you fail, but it so feels like a sharp threat,
And all I can do is keep breathing, and maybe as well sing a happy song.
Contributed by Saby

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