Where Were You When Bekhsoos Was Offline?

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“Where were you when 9/11 happened?” has become a classic question given how that date has changed the world especially for those of us living on this side of the world. And since us people, living on this side of the world, believe that Bekhsoos going unpublished was as dramatic as 9/11, we have gathered this compilation from our team on their whereabouts when Bekhsoos was nowhere to be seen!

Here are some of the team’s answers:

I was having sex. – Abdo Al Raqisa

I was fixing a desk i broke. – Yacee

I was having cyber sex at work. – Phoenix

I was in my element. – Koi Fish

I was crying behind the sofa in Istanbul. – Ghoulama

I was planning my own issues. – Green

I was wondering why the hell aren’t we issuing Bekhsoos?! – Ishtar

I was trying to have a life. – Joelle

I was tied up on my lover’s dinner table. – Lady Gya

I was hitting the “Refresh” button on Bekhsoos’ page every five minutes – Mir

I was explaining to people why I cut my hair. – Red

I was tripping over the Atlantic. – Shant

I was in denial. – Lynn


What about you? Where were you when Bekhsoos wasn’t getting published?

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