We, the Gender Confusing

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We, the gender confusing humans, would like to announce the creation of a new category of humans, henceforth referred to as the Gender Confusing. This new identity is constructed on the grounds that our gender often confuses people. Sometimes, we get referred to as men, other times as women, and most often we are met with confused and embarrassed glares. Yes, you should be embarrassed for not recognizing us as Gender Confusing.

Please note that the politically correct term for us is now a capitalized Gender Confusing. We are not to be associated with the lewd group of individuals who refer to themselves as Gender Fuckers. We believe in being non-confrontational and using polite language.

We would like to officially apply for recognition from the International Board of Constructing Acronyms to be added to the LGBTTIQ letters. Please from now on use LGBTTIQGC to recognize us as a valuable and marginalized community of the sexual orientation and gender identity spectrum.

We are not to be confused with butch women or effeminate men because we do not identify as women or men. And we are not to be confused with transgenders because we feel that the confusion aspect of our identity is extremely crucial and merits recognition.

We are also diverse. Some of us identify more as Gender Self-Confusing (we are, ourselves, confused about our gender). And some identify as Gender Confusing Other People. Naturally, there still exists discrimination within our own community between the GSCs and the GCOPs. We are working on it by organizing inter-Gender-Confusion discussions and workshops.

There is currently a proposal in the works to recognize both identities in the acronym: LGBTTIQGSCGCOP. But we know this will be an uphill struggle because, apparently, people think brevity should come at the expense of recognition of our human rights. How much longer will the LGBTTIQ movement leave out the GSCGCOP? Where is the solidarity?

Gender Confusing People’s rights are human rights!

Symbol for GSC

Symbol for GCOP

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