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I decided to write this article when I was going through my playlist of music. And these songs, as one of my friends calls them, are a “a teenager’s playlist”.

I don’t blame them for telling me that. I was weirded out by some of the songs that I never knew I had. Let’s start by “voulez vouz couches avec moi”: Ok, I have to admit I was deeply crushing over Christina Aguilera, which brings me to the song “Nobody wants to be lonely.” After hearing it now, I really don’t get the drama, and what I can’t get the most is Ricky Martin. I say to myself “what the hell were you thinking boy?” Plus when she says “not myself tonight” that pretty much sets the limit for my crush, so who is she tonight?

Then I jump from couchez avec Christina to Mika’s “sucking too hard on your lollipop.” Even though the idea is related, I keep on wondering “What lollipop did I want to suck that hard back then?”

“Please don’t stop the sun from shining down on me cause I can’t face another day without your smile and if you take away the loving arms that surround me then I will break down and cry like a child.”

These lovely words were said by the Backstreet boys on so many occasions throughout their song Like a Child. What is amazing is the amount of boy bands  I have on my playlist: BSB, N’sync “Bye Bye Bye,” Five “Let’s Dance,” WestLife “Tell Me What Makes a Man.”  Ok now this song is funny cause I always wondered: what does make a man?

Now here is a song I’m sure some of you will know why I like or why I have on my playlist. It’s “Ego” by Beyonce, and no I don’t like it because Beyonce sings it, it’s because it has “ego” in it, hihi.

Now move on to a song called “Two is Better Than One.” Do they mean that it’s better to have a threesome? And there is a part where they say “the way you taste, you make it hard to breath.” Does he smell, or is he suffocating her, or does he taste bitter? I shall leave the answer to you.

And if you say that I’m self centered, you should really check boyzone when they sing “I love the way you love me “ they love the way they love them because they want to love themselves in the same way they love them ? Now I am confused.
“I’m stronger than yesterday, there is nothing but my way” “I’m a slave for you “why do I see contradiction in this, and most important why do I see Britney spears, and should I “let her be the last know” that I am removing her from the playlist?

OMG who the hell brought Shakira to my playlist? “Hips Don’t Lie”? Well Shakira, here is some of the latest information for you. They are called “Lips” not “Hips.” I’ll disregard it and consider it a typo.

And then I get to the Eiffel 65 “I’m blue” and “if I were green I would die” Ok, I think he is with the “moustakbal” and if he was “7araket amal” he will kill himself?

So moving on from politics, to the woman abuse with Enrique Iglesias and “Love to See You Cry.” Apparently he needs anger management since he doesn’t know why he loves to see her cry, so we need to do something in this matter. Ok I will pause on this song leaving no comment whatsoever on it: “Fergielecious.” And now this is plain weird. I have “Jonas Brothers” on my play list. I am such a teenage girl 😛

My mind is wondering who makes me feel like a “virgin touched for the very first time”. Madonna please, elaborate, so I can understand. And apparently Nickelback don’t have sex that much but they promised her that “I’d Cum for You”. And finally Celine Dion makes the big announcement that “A New Day Has Come” and  “I’m alive”  after her “Drive all Night” and defeating Take That for promising her “if you stay with me girl we can rule the world.” It was a trap set by the boys to take over the planet. Are you aliens? This same question is the one the Killers asked in their songs “Are We Human or Are We Dancers?” So what are we exactly?

Here Chris brown gives us the answer by saying “Superhuman”. Hmmm I guess that is why it didn’t work out between him and Rihanna, who apparently “Loves the Way He Lies” to her about his super humanity. But Pink comes along telling her “don’t you ever feel like your less than fucking perfect”, and Bruno Mars lays down his romantic side for Rihanna telling her “amazing just the way you are” and “I’ll catch a grenade for you”.

Pretty impressive playlist I have!


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