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Unsuper: A Story of a Straight Lesbian

One of my straight friends tells me that she was thinking of inviting another woman into her marriage bed as a birthday present… more »

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Transgenders in Lebanon: An Overview

Editor’s Note: At IDAHO 2010, Helem printed & distributed leaflets with some important information about transgender issues in Lebanon. I am re-publishing that… more »

Feminist Column

Be the Feminist You Want Your Mother To Be

You say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world. ~ The Beatles We all talk about… more »

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Alfa Says Hello to the Queers

Caught on Alfa‘s Web-to-SMS page a couple of days ago =) Cool, no?


I Have an STI

I have an STI. I was diagnosed ten years ago at the NY Gay and Lesbian Health Clinic. I was 20, a university graduate who had just moved to NY from Beirut and was living with her girlfriend in Brooklyn. One night, I felt a sharp pain in my genitals that increased with every step of my evening walk. When I got home, frustrated that my workout had been less than satisfactory, I went into the bathroom and noticed a sore on my vagina. I told my girlfriend, she took a look, and we made an appointment at the clinic for the next day.

At the clinic, a friendly female butch doctor examined me. She was the first gynecologist I had been too.

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Out Of The Shadows: A Photography Exhibit

We are very happy to be featuring a photography exhibit that will run for the next 4 weeks in Bekhsoos. Out Of The… more »

Living Gay

Love Waits in Faraya

Previously on Living Gay: Walking Home Harry and Jad have planned the whole thing together. The surprise washes away all my doubts and… more »

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Chapter 2: The Walk

Following Chapter 1: Truvada August 2008, my legs were leading the way. My mind was absent. I shouldn’t go there. The wounds were… more »