Be the Feminist You Want Your Mother To Be

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You say you want a revolution well you know we all want to change the world.

~ The Beatles

We all talk about the revolution; I will talk to you about the revolution.

You want to go down to the streets, and show the world who we are and what we are made of, they have been imposing on us their rules and beliefs, show them that we are fed up.

You want to write, write your anger, your sadness, your dreams and what this cruel unfair system did to you.

You want to film the revolution, make the world see and hear; because it’s about time they see the truth.

You want to sing, sing with the loudest tone, sing and make them hear you even if they don’t want to.
This is your time. This is your revolution. Show it, film it, write it, sing it…but my dear fellows in the revolution, before that educate your revolution.

Educate your revolution on the history of our fathers and mothers,

Educate your revolution on the history of oppression.

Educate your community about the system and how it controls you,

Educate people how to infiltrate it.

Educate your self that women are not objects,

Educate your self that a man’s honor is not in a woman’s vagina.

Educate your people that if a woman wants to “sell” her body she can but no man has the right to “sell” hers.

Educate your self that your mother and father are part of the system and victims of it, so are you.

Educate your revolution so that when someone tells you “you have no right” you will fight back and say this is my existence and I’m here to fight for it.

Educate on hating the system and refusing it without being bitter.

Educate yourself to love your body and feel free to use it as you want and not as they want you to use it.

Educate yourself to love your gender and don’t let them tell you what it is, so in case you want to bend it, you will realize how much you can go back and forth.

Educate you revolution so when it speaks, it doesn’t speak to one class alone but includes the poor, who don’t have your privilege to go to the streets or have a support group or attend panels because they are all made by and for the privileged.

Educate your revolution that racism is still there and you are consciously and unconsciously feeding and applying it.

Educate your revolution so that they would see that religion and spirituality are not our enemy and that it’s the people imposing it on us.

Queer up your revolution so it has your identity.

Feminist up your revolution so you won’t forget about all the women in it and all the women that passed and all the women that are growing up.

Feminist up your revolution so women won’t be seen as women but as human beings.

Feminist up your revolution to have one where we are all equal.

My fellow revolutionaries, be the feminist you want your mother to be.

~ I dedicate this piece to the two feminists that inspire my revolution, Deems and Nadz.

abdo al raQissa

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