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A Prelude For Any Queen That Will Never Be Homecoming

At some point in my life, while I was leaving the place where I grew up, I forced a black hole inside my… more »


Certains Besoins Urgents!

Nous avons tous parfois un besoin urgent, à satisfaire ou pas. C’est normal, biologique et évident. Quand j’ai le besoin urgent de dormir,… more »

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اقروها ع المراية

اتطلعوا بالمراية، اتطلعوا جوات عيونكن…جواتهن كتير. شو بتشوفوا؟

اتطلعي بالمراية.

بتشوفي طفولة حلوة أو بشعة؟ بتشوفي حالك عم تلعبي “عريس وعروس” أو “بيت بيوت” وتتحججي بهاللعبة تا تمسكي ايد ابن الجيران؟ أنا كنت اتحجج فيها تا امسك ايد بنت الجيران … بس أكيد أنا وانت منعرف شو كان الاحساس حلو، لو بطريقة مختلفة.

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Strategies for EDAHO

Another May 17, another IDAHO. Five years now I have been celebrating the International Day Against Homophobia in Beirut. My memory of each… more »

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I have a different perspective on homophobia. It is related to hypocrisy as well. I see it in guys: they hate fags but… more »

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بناية شاذة

A look at a deviant building in Lebanon…

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Queered Up Ads

A collection of ads that were queered up for the IDAHO 2010

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Queering the Domestic Violence Law

This paper was presented by Rasha Moumneh, researcher in the Middle East/North Africa Division of Human Rights Watch, at a panel entitled “Discrimination… more »