Love Waits in Faraya

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Previously on Living Gay: Walking Home

Harry and Jad have planned the whole thing together. The surprise washes away all my doubts and fears. I am back on cloud nine. I am back to being the happiest man on earth. I am back to the cardboard castle I’ve built in the air.

He gets me a rose and a teddy bear soaked in his Valentino perfume. I keep the rose inside my favorite poetry book – yes, when it comes to love, I am the cheesiest. I hug the teddy bear every night when I go to sleep.

Another four weeks of bliss pass by, and I am climbing higher and higher into the sky, discovering new realms, new worlds, and attempting to top every peak, and glide on every cloud.

My best friend’s birthday is a couple of days away, and I begin to plan a surprise for him. I talk to 10 of our friends, and tell them I will be renting a chalet in Faraya, where we will be spending the night celebrating Jad’s birthday.

I talk to Harry, and tell him I’ve reserved one room for Jad and our friends to sleep in, and a separate room for us. I want to finally share my bed with him. I wanted to finally make love to him. He smiles at my suggestion, and my heart skips a beat. And so love waits in Faraya.

We are to be handed our room by 6:00 pm. Harry and I decide to spend the whole day together. I take a bus from Beirut to Jeita, where he picks me up. It is raining.

I get into the car and kiss him, excited that the day where Harry and I will spend more than 24 hours together has come. Tonight was the night I would finally make love to him.

We go to his house; it is empty. We start making out, but we do not make love, because love was to be poured into each other’s beings that night, and because love waits in Faraya…

But I realise that his kisses are not the same. His lips are dry.

His touch is not the same; his hands are loose.

I hug him, but his embrace is not as warm. I look into his eyes, those beautiful shining eyes, but they’ve lost their sparkle, and he looks away.

I hide my inquietude, and I kiss his icy cold lips.

I am hungry, hungrier than ever before. We get into his car and go to the nearest Wooden Bakery and have breakfast. He eats silently, and I watch his every move. My heart tells me things I wish not to believe.

“What do we do now?” I ask him.

“Let’s go to Jounieh. The weather is better now so we can take a walk until we figure out what to do,” he replies.

We pass by his best friend’s house and say hello. Then we walk to a deserted park in the city. We are alone, except for a couple of guys in the distance who I recognize from

Harry and I walk and talk of different topics from Britney Spears and Lady Gaga to global warming and the tsunami. I talk of my university, and he talks of his.

He talks about how exhausting it is becoming, and how deeply in love with directing movies he is. He talks about his grades being the best ever achieved. He talks about the projects he’s been working on. Then he hesitantly mentions the fact that he’d applied to a scholarship in California a couple of months ago.

“Wait a second,” I interrupt him. “What do you mean you’ve applied to a scholarship in California? Why haven’t you mentioned this before?”

“Well… I never thought I would ever be accepted.” His voice is shaking.

“And… Umm… Now you mention it because?” My pulse increases.

He sighs deeply, and looks away…

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