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How Does Religion Affect Your Life and Relationships

In the past few weeks, we’ve received many comments on these pages and other networks about homosexuality and religion, and whether the former… more »

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لا حياء في… اللغة

ما  بعرف ليش في كتير منا بيحسو إنو لما بدن يكتبوا عن شي إلو علاقة بالجنس، الميول الجنسية، أو حتى الجسد بالمطلق، بيلاقوا… more »

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وللأدب النسوي…اعترافاته

علي الاعتراف، بهدوء واعتذار، بأني أحمل أفكار مسبقة سلبية عن الكاتبات النسويات العربيات. وأن حكمي هذا لا يستند الى أي قصص أعي انها… more »

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أجمل تجربة غير منطقية

كل ما بفكر كيف ممكن تكوني حركتي فيي كل هالإشيا كتير أسئلة بتخطر عبالي، أسئلة  ما كنت لاقيلها جواب . ما بفهم كيف… more »


To Each Their Own Sexual Revolution

I will never let anyone tell me who I can touch and who I can sleep with. I will never let anyone tell me which body I can satisfy, love and fuck. More importantly, I will never let anyone tell me how I will touch, kiss, and fuck that body.

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You, Mug, You

I wonder: Would this mug be able to inspire me? “Dance to your own rhythm.” “Become a bee keeper.” “Life is short, stay… more »

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The “H-Word” and The Politics of Name-Calling

During the past week, Bekhsoos had an estimate of 200 to 300 hundred new “Likes” on its Facebook Page. This exciting new wave brought with it supporters from 18 different countries, ranging across the sexuality continuum, along with a few persons who have been vocal enough to earn the “Homophobes of the Bekhsoos Page” title within less than 24 hours. Congratulations.
When The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor reported that “this reflects the growing media influence that Bekhsoos has developed” – I thought “definitely” but the question I had in mind was how we were going to capitalize on this new surge in homophobia on our page.

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كاسترو يعترف بظلمه للمثليات/ين، وأخبار دولية اخرى

>> “كاسترو” يعترف بظلمه للمثليات/ين اعترف الرئيس الكوبي السابق “فيديل كاسترو” بمسؤوليته عن الظلم الذي تعرض له مثليو/ات الجنس في بلاده، وخصوصا في… more »