To Each Their Own Sexual Revolution

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“That skin is where this revolution gonna begin, touching one woman at a time, showing there’s no crime in feeling this good.” – Alix Olson

I will never let anyone tell me who I can touch and who I can sleep with. I will never let anyone tell me which body I can satisfy, love and fuck. More importantly, I will never let anyone tell me how I will touch, kiss, and fuck that body.

My sexual revolution started from my body, and yours will start from your own body and experiences.

I don’t want to sit here and write a whole page about how comfortable you should feel with your body and enjoy it, how there is nothing wrong with masturbation and it is ok to sleep with a woman who doesn’t shave her vagina, and how pretty it is and that you should love your vagina.

If you don’t like your body, it is ok because I never loved mine until I met that person who made me love my body. I never wanted to touch my body and I’m still learning how to love it without having someone loving it.

Shaved vagina, hairy vaginas… People need to stop telling us what to like and what is good in the mouth and what is not. It’s unbelievable how many times I had to be in conversations where I couldn’t mention whether I like it hairy or not, and how many times girls told me, before I actually had my first vagina, where it’s good or not. Well how about you let me decide?

Some of us hate our vaginas, and it is okay because we are raised to hate it. It will take some of us one minute to love it and others years and it is okay because once you love it, you will enjoy it.

You don’t like to go down on a girl or you don’t like girls to go down on you. So what? Because it’s not about that. It’s about satisfaction. And if a woman can satisfy you then nothing else matters.

Sexuality is such a mysterious thing. At the beginning, we know nothing about it but with time we learn and we discover it on our own.

Our revolution will start from our bodies and not your bodies, so stop telling us how to love a woman.

So let us hate our bodies, and learn to love them because it is such a beautiful processes that we can either do on our own, or our first girlfriend or our fifth will make us love it by the way she touches it.

Stop thinking that you can teach me about a woman’s body because each woman has her own skin, her own color, and more importantly, her own spots. So don’t tell me how I can please a woman because each woman is different.

An orgasm is something you earn and learn. Whether it takes you a minute or an hour, who gives a fuck as long as you get it?

– Dedicated to Qathy, who helped me start my revolution

abdo al raQissa

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