Omit The Question Mark

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Since I’ve started university, I’ve had considerably less time to do certain things I used to before; and when I say “before,” I mean before I realized the beauty of women. I think I’m what they call a late comer. I’m not sure. I’ve only had these feelings for a couple of months now.

Anyways, what does university have to do with sexual orientation? Well it’s simple. You see, since I was a little girl, I’ve seen my mom dress up, put on makeup, and all that. So as I got older, I wanted to be just like her. I started doing my eyebrows, nails, legs, but most importantly, my arms. Finally, when the finals came along, I had never studied this much in my life and well, I didn’t have time to do all those things anymore. So, to save time, I cut my long manicured nails and stopped waxing my arms. I know you’re asking yourself “My god, what is she talking about?”. Bear with me. You see, when I stopped doing all those typically “girly” things, I realized something: I liked having short nails and arms like a man. Do I want to be a man? NO! I’m proud to be a woman and fight for what I want in life but I simply loved looking less like a typical girl and more like myself. After this revelation, I was aware that these feelings I had for women were not new at all. Like when my friends and I would go shopping and they’d ask me, “Ktir assir hal fosstan?”# And I would say “no,” no matter how “assir”# it was…

Well something should’ve clicked a long time ago. For 19 years, I have never had a boyfriend and was repelled by the idea of being with a man (no offense to men all over), I finally know why.
Am I a lesbian? No, not really. I have formulated my own thesis since I discovered my fondness for women and I truly believe you fall in love with the person not the gender… BUT, you have to admit, beautiful breasts and a nice behind are not bad to look at.
I have to admit it still sounds weird to say these things, but I am happier like this, with my new self. I feel like a new person and have a new level of respect for all those who knew who they were and what they wanted from the beginning because living in our society, we are blinded by what others have in store for us that we can’t see what we need to make ourselves happy.
So, maybe I would’ve never realized was it not for my hairy arms, no matter how creepy that sounds. One thing’s for sure, from now on when I say: I like girls…

I will omit the question mark.

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