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What My Horoscope Says About Me

I’m a Pisces, a free spirit with a dual nature. On one side, I’m romantic, wistful, imaginative, sensitive, sexually fulfilled, perceptive, creative and… more »

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Familiar Voices

Part I “Baddi i7kiki bi mawdou3 mouhim”1 I am pretty sure that the mother-daughter marriage conversations are familiar to most of you. I… more »

Bareed 3a Mahlo

Omit The Question Mark

Since I’ve started university, I’ve had considerably less time to do certain things I used to before; and when I say “before,” I… more »

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أخبرهم أم لا؟

حتى وقت قريب، كنت أعتبر ميولي الجنسية أمرا شخصيا وخاصا جدا جداً. لم أكن أظهر هذه الميول الا امام حبيبتي أصدقائي، لأنني لم… more »

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Between Helem and Meem: A Personal Experience

NB: This article tells a personal experience, not referring to the two mentioned organizations politics only. It tells the experience of sexual identity,… more »

Readers' Corner

Readers’ Ramblings, Rants and Poetry


Silence, and silence again, the sound of pouring rain disturbs the silence. It’s getting louder and louder, I scream my lungs out, I scream even louder, is there anyone out there? Can anyone see me? Can anyone feel me?

Lead Story

Best Of The Sex Special Issue: Dirty Mouth: The Politics of Sex Talk in Public Spaces

Dear Readers, As many of you have noticed and complained about, Bekhsoos has been on a break for a while now. We apologize for… more »

Featured Articles

Discrimination Against LGBT: A Medical Legacy?

For almost two years, my obsession has been to improve lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women’s access to health services in Lebanon. Throughout… more »