A Year In Writing: The Bekh Chronicles

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Well hello there!

My name is Phoenix, I will be your host for the next few minutes. Please join me on a journey through time as we reminisce upon the previous contributions to Bekhsoos!

In its second year, Bekhsoos has had quite an impressive collection. We’ve had the good, the sad, the sexi, the critical, the impressive, and the Bayneh W Bayniks. Here’s a personal bouquet arranged for your reading pleasure. Please do share your favorite piece in the event that I had missed to mention it!


In October, Shax speaks out loud about the culture of silence against sexual harassment Out into the Bad World: Living Alone in Beirut. Bekhsoos gets its 15 minutes of fame when Sama Magazine publishes a positive review about it. We announce we are cross-posting with Qadita in their Queeriyat section; take a look at the collection we’ve posted.

We launched two new categories that month.
- Bayneh W Baynik was inspired by the renowned “Post-Secret” website. We are now officialli airing our dirti laundri, anonymousli!
- “Al Mu3jam Al Mithli”, our personal queer contribution to the Arabic language!

November was a busi month. It marked the Transgender Day Of Remembrance. We told each others’ stories and some more. Read all about it here! In addition, Meem collaborated with Nasawiya and Helem to celebrate “One Day, One Struggle” to break the silence about our bodies in a series of videos. Oh and by the way, Ishtar learnt a few lessons.

Allow me to indulge you with December’s gifts to you.
We brought you the man in the suit himself. The man of the hour, of everi hour! The man you think you saw but did not see, it’s SANTA CLAUSE!
The Christmas bells rang at Red’s house and they seemed a bit too loud. Here’s her rant about it. Ghoulama voiced her opinion on the Servant who was murdered by the Saudi prince. Bekhsoos readers witnessed the pilot of the Abdo Al Raqisa’s adventures! Where’s the rest Abdo? I know you’ve got mani more tales to tell!

Someone made an important confession about dating somebodi’s ex.
Freedreamer encouraged parents to open the doors to their children’s closets and save them from suffering in the inspirational Homosexuels Sans Frontières.
A beautiful Encounter was a beautiful contribution by Georges Azzi. He was approached by a mother who expressed her love to her gay son and support to homosexuals and their mothers.

One of our mummies agreed to sit for an interview and we discovered how awesome she was أمّ: ما سألت ليش بنتي هيك…تقبّلتها.

There’s a lesson to the homophobic parents that Freedreamer was on about.
I would like to share one more post about mothers, I get emotional around the holidays’ season. Here’s a collection of conversations between Lynn and her own mummi.

And to end the year, here is a list of The Top 10 Bekhsoos Moments!

Happi New Year!

Januari has been the sexiest month of this year. We published our highest rated issue ever: The Sex Special Issue! And we do get off on ratings, by the way. #Lynn.
We had it all: Koi-Fish discussed the medical discrimination against  LGBT. Ladi Gya’s  exposed her dirti mouth and penchant for BDSM, and we got a sneak peek inside the sex work industri in Lebanon. We even had an asexual perspective on sex (Hey Jaras, try to top that!) while Randa called out Shemale, Shemale, Shemale (I keep hearing shi male, shi male, shi male in my head, easi there Randa!) I fantasized openli and publicli about the Bekhsoos team (told you we have a thing for numbers) before I shook my hips and drooled over Shant’s Hizzi Ya Nawa3im video. Abdo went though a drought and nothing turned him on. And we got the advantage of being a fly on a wall in Hoodie’s bedroom. We also got to spill utter dirt over our sex special Bayneh W Bayniks before you showed us what turns you on.

Januari wasn’t all about sex, or maybe it was… The Health Committee at Meem poured its efforts in a special sexual health brochure for women who have sex with women.
Remember: A pussi a day won’t keep the STI away! Suqoon El Leil explains in a photo essay how to use a male condom on your ladi friends to stay safe.
Mir spoke about sex and explained how a “parallélépipède” turns her on.
I also shared my pet peeve about “We” couples in the Numerologi of Relationships which are a total turn off to me, despite my being a guest amongst a couple sexi fantasi.

In February, Shax lashed out at some gay activists and called them hypocrites and Fluffi told her cute stori on coming out to her auntie in Amto, I know.

March marked International Women’s Day. Lynn wrote one of my favorite and most inspirational readings in Bekhsoos ever: Panties and Bras and Ran shared her feelings about the Women’s march while PinkWatching Israel exposed GayMiddleEast as a Zionist! Tsk, tsk.

And Nadz came up with an excellent theori on why Queers should support the Anti-Sectarianism movement!

We went around the streets in Beirut during April and collected the coolest stencils we could find! Ishtar’s mum won’t stop taking shots about her daughter’s sex life in “ماما والسكس: مفهوم “اللطشة. (By the way babi, I think I have your black shirt.)

Al Mar’ah Al Hadidiyyah makes her first appearance in the series سلسلة حبر الأيام.

In May, Emcee reminisced about the time when she was Meem-curious. Shant told us what she couldn’t say to her Dad in a tear-jerking piece. [i heart you Shanti]. Ghoulama was angri at the world, and righteousli so. Nadz shared her thought provoking analysis on Queers and Political Movements. MavericK explains to us how to go from Female to Male in 5 steps, while Mimiscule exposed a بناية شاذة. Yuck! And to end the month, here’s one of our highest rated articles on the mag, عن “الحب غير المشروط”… يا ماما. Salma came out to her mum and it wasn’t pretti at all. We all face different reactions from our parents when we come out. When it goes ugli, we should know that we are not bad, and we are not alone. This is one of the reasons why we must write.

June brought a new pen to Bekhsoos, Aladdin joined the team and wrote about being an FTM Super Hero and the team compiled a collection of confessions of what turns them on!

In the same month, we went on hiatus for the summer. We were tired, we felt drained. We went drinking, beaching, sexing… we had a good time.

Bekhsoos is now back in publication and we welcome your thoughts, poems, stories, photographs, graphics, artwork, videos, Bayneh w Bayniks and anything else you’d like to contribute to your Queer Feminist Arab weekli at this address: .

If you’ve lasted this long, you’ll last another year. Have a good one!

Phoenix is a self-centered and sarcastic soul incarnated, perhaps by accident, in the bodi of a woman. As a writer with a temper, she replaces her "y's with an annoying “i” for aesthetical purposes and lives to crack a joke, at the expense of others. Her paranoid nature makes her sensitive to plants, animals and people. Ironicalli, after making fun of the Meem lesbians for years, she found a warm home there and is now renowned as its veri own emotional pest. She enjoys reading the paper with a hot cup of black tea while nude, more often than not.

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