BASMA: A New LGBT Group In Morocco

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On the 09/Jan/2011 a new LGBT group was established in the Kingdom of Morocco under the name of (BASMA) or the Moroccan Coordination of Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and Transgender (MC LGBT)

BASMA will focus on establishing LGBT safe houses and specialized Medical Clinics plus providing free legal advice and free confidential medical care all around Morocco for the local LGBT community

BASMA will work as well on establishing Arabic and French LGBT library and organize on regular base social activities, workshops and meetings in order to create effective health and safety awareness between the local LGBT community members and work closely with the local SIDA and AIDS associations inside Morocco

BASMA will enhance also the LGBT human rights movement in Morocco through participating in the local, regional and International Human Rights events and conduct specialized LGBT Human Rights workshops and meetings in order to participate in the social change process inside Morocco

BASMA will focus on the social media in order to communicate with the local, regional and International LGBT community and promote its activities and events inside and outside of Morocco both in French and Arabic plus publishing a monthly LGBT online magazine

Perhaps the most important role for BASMA is its field social work which will focus on communicating with the LGBT families in order to accept their sexual identity and allow them to rejoin the family after some of them  show up and had to leave their families’ houses

BASMA is the first active LGBT group inside Morocco, which will allow BASMA to work closely with local LGBT community and conduct customized projects to meet the LGBT community needs and participate in the process of protecting and helping the Moroccan LGBT community members


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