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Lancement Du Réseau Maghrébin: Khomsa

Le lancement du site du Réseau Maghrébin des libertés et de la différence se fera bientôt.

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BASMA: A New LGBT Group In Morocco

 On the 09/Jan/2011 a new LGBT group was established in the Kingdom of Morocco under the name of (BASMA) or the Moroccan… more »

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عريضة مغربية لالغاء المادة 489

قامت مجموعة من المواطنين المغاربة مكونة من مثليين ومثليات، بدعم من ذويهم/ن وأصدقائهم/ن، بإطلاق عريضة إلكترونية تطالب بإلغاء المادة 489 من قانون العقوبات… more »

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Queering the Arab Feminist Movement: Two Years in the Making

Exactly two years ago today, April 19, I went to a meeting in Morocco around resource mobilization for women’s rights in the Middle East and North Africa. Over 100 of the region’s top women’s rights advocates were there and it was the first time I meet them. I was extremely nervous about being an out Arab lesbian in their midst, knowing that most of them saw me as diseased or abnormal, and certainly that all of them believed I didn’t belong in a conference like theirs. My experience at that meeting, however, was life-changing [...]

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سيدي علي بن حمدوش: “قديس” المثليين بالمغرب

“شايلاه اسيدي علي بن حمدوش، شايلاه لالة عيشة الحمدوشية” * تقول فوزية، البالغة من العمر حوالي 40 عاما وهي تشعل شمعتها، وتضعها على… more »