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Between Helem and Meem: A Personal Experience

NB: This article tells a personal experience, not referring to the two mentioned organizations politics only. It tells the experience of sexual identity,… more »


Queer Blog Round Up

So many new queer Lebanese blogs have sprouted over the past year, which is fantastic news! Bekhsoos will be featuring a round-up with… more »

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That Queer Feeling in Your Gut

I don’t get why people think “queer” is advanced or privileged politics. As if it’s difficult theory or something so complicated that people… more »

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Ask, And Tell! An Open Letter To Lt. Dan Choi And Other LGBT/Queer Military Personnel!

I’m a Lebanese queer; I have lived under the direct and indirect consequences of US war-policies for most of my life. I also… more »

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Lancement Du Réseau Maghrébin: Khomsa

Le lancement du site www.khomsagroup.org du Réseau Maghrébin des libertés et de la différence se fera bientôt.

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Can There Be A Zero-Martyr Revolution?

The age of cloaked activism where freedom fighters object to degrading regimes from behind screens and an alias, where personal liberties are called… more »

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BASMA: A New LGBT Group In Morocco

 On the 09/Jan/2011 a new LGBT group was established in the Kingdom of Morocco under the name of (BASMA) or the Moroccan… more »

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Ra Ra Ra-a-a-iight on Lady Gaga!

Her elegance Lady Gaga released a new single entitled “Born this way”. As she considers her gay fans the basis of her success, Lady… more »