Happy Evening!

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The World AIDS Day – 1st of December – usually is a day to remind the universe about the dangerous virus “HIV” that was detected in 1981, the 40 million people infected by it and the 2 million people including children, youth and adults die every year because it.

It used to be a sad day…

“Think Positive” organization decides to make this occasion a Happy one,simply because unlike all days, people now have a privilege to be educated and aware about HIV. Moreover, HIV diagnosed people have the chance and the right to live healthy normal life physically and socially.

“Happy Evening” will be held on the 1st of December 2010 at Gemmayze Street by “Think Positive” from 7 till 11:30 pm, Gauche Caviar and club 9 will offer 50% discounts for all guests.

Recent studies released by the National AIDS Program shows that most of young people are the most at risk group in Lebanon and most of newly diagnosed people are between 15 and 24 years old.

Concept of the “Happy Evening”:

Happy hours from 7 till 11:30 pm at Gemmayze pubs and restaurants which will offer special prices packages or anything extra-ordinary outlets would like to present to all guests.

Entertainment and educational activities will cover Gemmayze during that evening.

Entertainment activities: musical bands, painters, games..

Educational activities: Voluntary Counseling and Testing, informative flyers distribution, posters, red ribbons, preventive tools distribution, banners, T-shirts, flags, stickers and other materials that would enhance community awareness.

Advertisement of this event will be through talk shows announcements, press releases and live coverage by:

TV: LBC, New TV, NBN, Future TV, OTV. Radio: Mix FM, NRJ, Radio One, Sawt El Ghad, Voix Du Liban… Newspapers: Annahar, Mustaqbal, El Akhbar, Al Balad, Addiyar.

-Contributed by Think Positive


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