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Discrimination Against LGBT: A Medical Legacy?

For almost two years, my obsession has been to improve lesbian, bisexual, transgender, and queer women’s access to health services in Lebanon. Throughout… more »

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A Beautiful Encounter

Yesterday, I was at the airport looking at the arrival screen; my friend’s plane had just landed and he was about to come… more »


Happy Evening!

The World AIDS Day – 1st of December – usually is a day to remind the universe about the dangerous virus “HIV” that was detected in 1981, the 40 million people


Helem Speech at IGLTA symposium, Beirut, 14 October 2010

Good evening, First of all, I would like to welcome you to Beirut, and hope you enjoy your stay here as a tourist… more »

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Preaching to the Choir: Questions and Doubts

Sometimes I wonder if our struggle makes any sense at all. You may think I am pessimistic but I am not. I am… more »

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…هاري بوتر” يكلم المثليين وأخبار دولية أخرى”

“هاري بوتر” يكلم المثليين

صور الممثل البريطاني دانييل رادكليف بطل فيلم “هاري بوتر” اعلانا تلفزيونيا لتوعية المراهقين من مثليي الجنس على ضرورة التعبير عن مشاعرهم في حال التعرض للمشاكل، وذلك بعد أن أشارت آخر الاحصاءات الى ارتفاع نسبة الانتحار بينهم