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مركز “مرسى”: الصحة الجنسية من دون تمييز

من منا لا يحب اختبار الجنس بمختلف أشكاله؟ من منا لم تفكر يوما بسؤال عن الجنس طرحته على نفسها؟ من منا لم يقلق/تقلق… more »


Happy Evening!

The World AIDS Day – 1st of December – usually is a day to remind the universe about the dangerous virus “HIV” that was detected in 1981, the 40 million people

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On the Crisis of Scientifically Studying Homosexuality

Unless addressing HIV, AIDS, or sexual health, queer communities, at least in Lebanon, often disregard scientific interferences in our issues. Even though it… more »


Discrimination in the Medical Field

I think that you have “The GRID.” In 1982, such sentence used to terrify the medical staff as they said it, more than… more »