Breaking the Silence about our Bodies

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As part of the “One Day, One Struggle” 2010 campaign to promote sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies, Nasawiya, Helem and Meem developed a video campaign, focusing on bodily autonomy and sexual rights of individuals.

Different people answered an open call which the groups had put out to record their experiences and opinions on camera. The result was the following six videos:

“My Life’s Nobody’s Business.” – This video addresses sexual harassment, autonomy, sexual privacy, gender stereotypes, sexual education, access to sexual information, and sexism.

“We didn’t get sex education.” – This video addresses racism, sexual privacy, autonomy, and sexual education.

“Gender stereotypes limit our self-expression.” – This video addresses gender stereotypes, self-expression, gender expression, social norms, sexual harassment, and racism.

“The veil doesn’t mean oppression.” – This video addresses masculinity, sexual harassment, public displays of affection, self-expression, Islam and sexual and bodily autonomy, and stereotypes.

“This is why I’m a feminist not a womanizer.” – This video addresses masculinity, gender stereotypes, sexual harassment, safety, access to sexual information, heteronormativity, sexism, respect, and ageism.

“What is shame, honor, halal, haram?” – This video addresses sexual education, self-expression, sexual harassment, virginity, honor, and sexual privacy.

If you’d like to contribute your own story, be it a video, a photo, or an article, go to “What do YOU have to say about your body?” on


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