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إغتصاب شرعي: إغتصاب زوجي

بمناسبة “يوم واحد نضال واحد” للعام 2011 في اطار “الاتحاد من أجل الحقوق الجنسية والجسدية”، تنظم “نسوية” نشاطا يركز على موضوع الاغتصاب الزوجي.… more »


OCTOBER 22: International Day of Action Against Trans Pathologization

On October 22nd 2011, various cities throughout the world will celebrate the International Day of Action for Trans Depathologization. The main goals of… more »

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Breaking the Silence about our Bodies

As part of the “One Day, One Struggle” 2010 campaign to promote sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies, Nasawiya, Helem and Meem… more »

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One Day, One Struggle: Promoting Sexual and Bodily Rights with a Video Campaign

November 9 marks the annual international “One Day, One Struggle” campaign, a unique effort to underscore the joint struggle against the violation of… more »


I’m Changing My Sex

Hello! You’ve probably noticed that I’ve changed my sex on Facebook. Were you surprised? Annoyed? Intrigued? Disgusted? Outraged? Did you think it was a joke? Did you perhaps think it was a mistake?

Actually, I’m glad you asked. I’ve changed my sex on Facebook as part of the Operation: Sex Change campaign to raise awareness around challenges facing transgender people everywhere in the world. My message is simple. I want you to know what “transgender” means. It is a term used to identify the many people [read more...]

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Finally A Campaign To Depathologize Transsexuals

Ever since the world was created, transsexuals have always existed and history cites many examples, such as the Great Queen Tenhinane. Tenhinane has… more »