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I’m Not Trans Enough

The first trans person I came out to told me he would rather refer to me as a woman. I guess I was… more »

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Transsexuality in the Spotlight

There’s been a number of media articles, video reports, and studies the past couple of weeks about transsexuality and transgender identities. New TV did an interview report with two transgenders, male and female. You can watch it below. The Daily Star published a feature entitled “Transgenders Lead an Alternative Life in Lebanon.” Both were done with a supportive angle. And perhaps most importantly, the Legal Agenda published an article (Arabic) on the legalities of sex change in identification papers in Lebanon, citing some valuable references.

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هزّي يا نواعم – فيديو

This video utilizes sexploitation’s aesthetics to subvert the use of the female body in moofies and fideos. Dedicated to the customers who attended… more »


“ورد الآن: صاحب قناة العربية هو “لوطي يلاط به

عاجل: ورد الى “بخصوص” خبر هام مفاده أن صاحب قناة العربية هو “لوطي يلاط به” ، والدليل أن قناته تبث أخبارا معارضة للنظام… more »

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Palestinian Queers for BDS Videos

Palestinian Queers for Boycott, Divestment, and Sanctions have released a series of three powerful videos tackling Israel’s military occupation. Check them out! For… more »

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Happy New Queer! [video]

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The Adventures of Abdo Al RaQissa – Pilot Episode

To commemorate the Transgender Day of Remembrance (November 20), the Bekhsoos team is releasing a new animation entitled “Abdo Al RaQissa”, contributed by… more »

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Breaking the Silence about our Bodies

As part of the “One Day, One Struggle” 2010 campaign to promote sexual and bodily rights in Muslim societies, Nasawiya, Helem and Meem… more »