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Busted is contributed by three different people on how they were outed to their parents.

I don’t know if my mom remembers this episode. I’m sure she doesn’t and you will see why.

Usually when you are gay, bi, trans, queer, lesbian or whatever it is you may be, you come out to your friends and family once, or you choose not to come out at all. Unlike the majority of people out to their families, I had to come out twice!

Here is what happened: I was much younger. I had just met this awesome girl and she was my first official girlfriend. One day, she came to my place. No one was home. I made lunch. We ate and then I went to wash my hands. Long story short, we were making out in the bathroom when my mom walked in on us. I’d forgotten to lock the door. My girl’s tongue was down my throat and my hand was down her pants. My mom turned red, walked out and closed the door. Later on that day, we had a conversation and I thought that I had gotten the message though to her… Apparently not!

Three years ago, I started going out with a girl and all was fine. One day, we were in my room, cuddling and kissing when my grandma walked in. We jumped off each other. My grandma freaked out and reported me to my mom. In my head, it was like: “Ok, my mom already knows so this wouldn’t be a shock to her.” ….. BEEP….. Wrong answer. My mom also freaked out and they started lecturing me, asking me if I had tendencies. Come on, I mean it doesn’t get more obvious than that! Turns out the first time I was caught, she thought I was experimenting, that it was a phase that I was going through and that I would grow out of it even though I said it loud and clear that I’m attracted to this girl. She didn’t take me seriously…

Now, she knows, without my having to go up to her and tell her. She knows which girl I have a crush on even before I find out…

I love my mom and her weird ways!

We were out having dinner together and she was expressing her concern for me, for the nth time. Just when I think I’ve finally managed to convince her that I am perfectly happy and satisfied single, that I don’t care about marriage and the traditional lifestyle and life goals, someone else manages to get through her head that this isn’t right or that I’m miserable and don’t want to admit it.

So back at that dinner, I finally told her: “Mom, I know you’re an open-minded person and I know you’re genuinely concerned about my happiness and well-being. I also know you would be supportive if I told you I was a lesbian. But guess what? I don’t know whether I’m heterosexual or homosexual because I’m not ‘sexual’ anything. I’ve never experienced such feelings for anyone and it’s called asexuality.”

I was stunned by her reaction: “It all makes sense now, because although we all know you’re not interested in men, it’s also obvious you’re not interested in women and I never understood that. I’m glad there are people like you to share your feelings with. If I knew about it, I probably wouldn’t have gotten married myself. I actually know a few people like that back in the village.”

I still can’t believe she said those last two lines.

Perhaps one of the most embarrassing and scary moments of my life took place on what seemed to be a normal Saturday morning. I was sound asleep on my partner’s bed, minding my own business, when I heard the bedroom door open and my partner and her mother’s voice entering the room. My first reaction was to sit up and say good morning, as I did. They were discussing plans for the day and her mom was trying to convince me to get up and go shopping with them. Knowing my habit of sleeping in during the weekends, her mom decides to sit next to me on the bed, as an attempt to wake me up faster. It wasn’t till that moment that I finally remembered I was bottomless. I remember feeling my face heat up by the second and my heart racing with fear as she sat there two inches away.

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