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Between Helem and Meem: A Personal Experience

NB: This article tells a personal experience, not referring to the two mentioned organizations politics only. It tells the experience of sexual identity,… more »

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Alex (1)

She was thrusting herself over him, both her hands clutching his firm, broad shoulders for dear life. Her mouth was agape; she was about to enter orgasm. His cock had fully penetrated

Bareed 3a Mahlo

The Belly of the Beast: A Lesbian in a Heterosexual World

Nicky was the prison inmate – a beautiful, intelligent, and confidently gay woman who had been locked up for defending her girlfriend from… more »

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Busted is contributed by three different people on how they were outed to their parents. I don’t know if my mom remembers this… more »

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The “H-Word” and The Politics of Name-Calling

During the past week, Bekhsoos had an estimate of 200 to 300 hundred new “Likes” on its Facebook Page. This exciting new wave brought with it supporters from 18 different countries, ranging across the sexuality continuum, along with a few persons who have been vocal enough to earn the “Homophobes of the Bekhsoos Page” title within less than 24 hours. Congratulations.
When The Lebanese LGBT Media Monitor reported that “this reflects the growing media influence that Bekhsoos has developed” – I thought “definitely” but the question I had in mind was how we were going to capitalize on this new surge in homophobia on our page.

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Squash the Purple Butterfly

It has been said that something as small as the flutter of a butterfly’s wings can ultimately cause a typhoon halfway around the… more »