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Cruel Intention

It was a Tuesday, and a long one at uni. I usually don’t go out on weekdays, but my friends insisted they take… more »

Dailies & Diaries/ يوميات ومذكرات brown-girl-600x300

Brown Girl Paranoia Syndrome (BGPS)

For immigrant daughters or anyone straddling multiple cultures and spheres at once, you know for a fact that 95% of the mates you… more »

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What My Horoscope Says About Me

I’m a Pisces, a free spirit with a dual nature. On one side, I’m romantic, wistful, imaginative, sensitive, sexually fulfilled, perceptive, creative and… more »

The Revolving Door

“بايسكشوال دراما”

بالوحي من مقالات “ليزبيان دراما” (1-2-3) بقلم حبّي الأوحد غير المشروط، “عشتار“، بحب قدملكن أفكاري بحسب تجربتي عن ال”بايسكشوال دراما”. بإحدى الجلسات مع… more »

Trans Column

From Amsterdam To Reality

The Legal and the Medical; to some, these are two different domains, but to a transperson in Lebanon, these are twins that always go together.
As some may know, in the ICD


Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit

Say No to World LGBT Youth Leadership Summit – Tel Aviv Queers: Lead Revolutions, Do Not Support Occupation! Thanks to the IGLYO Out of… more »


Monogamy vs. Polyamory

Though a lesser evil than marriage, monogamy, being the widely accepted form of relationships, should be outlawed. I see it as a form… more »

Arabic عربي

ملاحظات كويرية على الخطابات الكويرية

ملاحظات كويرية على الخطابات الكويرية انه لمثير ومثلج القلب، مراقبة بذور النقاش الدائر مؤخراً على صفحات المدونات الالكترونية والمواقع الكويرية والمثلية العربية حول… more »