“Let’s face it. We’re undone by each other. And if we’re not, we’re missing something.”- Judith Butler – Contributed by Akias

Fuck Me

I fuck you.   You fuck her. We all fuck each other.   – Contributed by Akias  

The Autumn Leaves: A Photo Essay

FALLing Slowly Droplets of Rain Embracing the Leaf Fall Street When There Was Life Twin Baby Nature Pictures & comments contributed by Yaz

What Turns You On? [Photos]

Bekhsoos asked its readers to send in pictures of what turns them on. Here they are: -Contributed by M. “There’s just something sexy… more »

Same Sex, Same Sect

A comic about same sex and same sex!

Submit Your Sexy Photos!

They always say, a photo will last you longer. Have you ever thought of capturing what turns you on? Next week, Bekhsoos in… more »

Mreyte Ya Mreyte!

A look at the heteronormative mirror in Lebanon

Meem Fan Contribution

Bekhsoos welcomes your fan contributions. This poster is an artwork for Meem.