Cruel Intention

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It was a Tuesday, and a long one at uni. I usually don’t go out on weekdays, but my friends insisted they take me to a downtown pub; I yielded. The place was punk styled and slightly dark. we were alone having our drinks cracking our jokes at the expense of the barman, who was interested in my very sarcastic and funny friend. Suddenly, a couple that walked in grabbed our our attention. I watched the two lovers as they sat on the couch in front of us. they looked sophisticated, in their mid thirties and clearly, in the wrong hangout space. The man was handsome, looking elegant in his black suit. But the woman was sublime. Her long, wavy black hair, and her wild hazel eyes completely dazzled me. Her genuine oriental beauty was breathtaking. I watched them as they held each other’s hands, exchanged smiles and swift soft kisses. They seemed so in love that I felt ashamed of my spying, and directed my attention back to my friends. Still, as I listened to their gossips, i kept looking at her. It was uncontrollable. She fascinated me. I was convinced that she was unaware of my mischief, until our sights crossed. Her gaze was bewitching, at once warm and menacing. It felt as if she was attempting to subdue me instead of seducing me. We flirted that way all night; whenever he turned his attention from her, she looked for mine. I couldn’t really read her thoughts. I was teased and strangely aroused, but the fatigue took over, so i decided to leave the maze and go out for a breath of fresh air.

The pub was in the middle of a quiet neighborhood. I was lying on the wall enjoying the freshness, when suddenly, she stood in front of me with a vile smirk on her face. What was her intention? Confusion and excitement invaded my thoughts, but before i could ask anything, she pushed me harder to the wall with one hand over my mouth. That’s when i realized, i took the bait. She had me right where she wanted, a barrier away from reality. I could feel her body against me as she pressed further. My strength was merely a match to hers. Her face was only a few inches far and her scent…intoxicating. All of my instincts begged me to fight, but every inch of my skin indulged in the trap. The sadistic glare in her eyes was paralyzing. she was in control and she relished it. she scratched me as she slowly moved her fingers down my neck, as her lips came closer to mine. I could feel the heat of her breath on my skin, as the fire in me rose to reach the deepest of my core. I unleashed myself. We devoured each other. Our tongues entangled aggressively as our hands joined. She tasted bitter sweet, like the Marguerita she was graciously sipping in the pub. Looks can be surely deceiving. I pondered on that thought while we kissed, until she brutally woke me up from my reflections, nailed my arms to the wall, and, with a single move, unzipped my jeans. I was completely tyrannized powerless. Her kisses quickly turned into deep bites, leaving marks up my neck and down my chest. The pain was insufferable, but so was the pleasure. i couldn’t hold myself any longer. she had barely touched me but i was already on the edge. Vain were my attempts to suffocate my moans.
At that moment, my mistress decides to stop. She releases me from her deliciously suffocating grasp as easily as she first grabbed me. The evil smirk showed up on her face again, as she slowly backed away from me leaving me alone, sweaty, and breathless on that wall. Her desire was already satisfied: she dominated me. I felt ashamed, not because i was weak, but because I loved it.

– Contributed by Sai

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