The Streets Belong To Us.

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I still can’t wake up from this historic day.
I never thought I can scream this loud, walk for 3 hours under the pouring rain and not give a damn about getting wet and falling ill.

Yesterday I did, I screamed, ran and walked under the rain for a cause, and it was worth it. It was worth it because till now, I can still hear the voices of protesters in my ears as if it was music played by the orchestra, it was worth it because I looked into everybody’s eyes and I saw a reflection of the feelings that were pumping in my veins.
I never knew it was possible to be angry, happy, thrilled, excited and proud all at the same time. Angry because we are still debating one of the natural rights that women must have, their bodily rights, their safety and freedom.
Debating a religious/sectarian system that is planning on taking away whatever is left of women’s free will.
Debating an economic system that is keeping a woman in need of a man even if she was employed and independent, a system that does not offer the same working conditions and benefits, does not protect her from harassment at work.

Still I was happy, thrilled and excited. Why?
The energy that surrounded us was undefeatable, strong, powerful and divine, the rain falling down on us had no power to stop us; on the contrary it synchronized with the rhythm of our steps, and our fearless screams, coming from the deepest places of our hearts and souls.

I felt proud, because working with such great people finally paid off.
From the 1st step of preparation to finalizing the smallest of details was an adventure by itself, and seeing this crowd in the protest and the look on everyone’s faces made me feel like I am floating, unstoppable and bulletproof.

I know for a fact this will not be our last demo, because once we broke the silence there is no turning back, and we made the promise that we will come back because the night and the streets belong to us as well.

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