Top 5 Music Videos with LGBT Characters

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Over the past few years, more public exposure has been given to gay characters in Lebanese music videos. Here are a few for our records:

5- Karina – Nafesh Rishak نافش ريشك (Natasha Nohra)

A young woman disses her conceited boyfriend and her close friends: another young woman and a flamboyantly gay man. The video depicts a highly stereotypical image of a “queen” acting up for no reason at all.

4- Nancy Ajram – Lawn Ouyounak لون عيونك (Nadine Labaki)

A sequel  to “Seher Ouyouno,” Nancy and her lover get married. The video is about the wedding they throw and guess who is invited?? That’s right, her gay friend!

3- Yara – Twassa fiyi توصّى فييّ (Leila Kanaan)

In this video, Yara is a contestant in a talent competition. As she performs she is watched by two drag queens who are dressed for the competition. This is one of the first times transgendered characters are exposed in an Arabic music video.

2- Nancy Ajram – Seher Ouyouno سحر عيونو (Nadine Labaki)

Yay! Thank you, Nadine Labaki, for introducing the first gay character in a Lebanese music video. Nancy’s character falls in love with a guy and confides in her colleague at the beauty salon. Although it stereotyped gay men with effeminate mannerisms, we were still very happy to see some representation! Heads up girls, even Nancy is a fag hag!

1- Carole Samaha – Ma Bkhaf ما بخاف (Thierry Vergnes)

A powerful video about self-empowerment and speaking your own mind. It introduces people from all walks of life including two couples of young men and women with (not so) subtle hints to their homosexuality. They say out loud how they are proud to be who they are without caring what anybody thinks.

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