Have you read or seen “The Yacoubian Building”?

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We received this letter from a reader. Please help her out if you can and spread the word!

Stephanie Selvick is an African Studies Ph.D student writing a research paper on The Yacoubian Building by Alaa Al-Aswany. She is looking to survey Queer-identified people of Egyptian or Arab descent about their responses to the portrayal of homosexuality and torture used within the novel and/or film. Most reviews of the text are conducted by either gay-identified western critics or straight-identified Arab scholars. In response, Stephanie is hoping to mediate these poles by collecting reactions of queer-identified people of Egyptian or Arab descent.

If you have read or viewed The Yacoubian Building and would be willing to fill out a brief survey about your reactions, please email Stephanie at . Thank you!

They surveys are attached here: Film Questions Novel Questions

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