Algerian Transsexual Woman Murdered

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transI received the news today from a friend of mine, an Algerian LGBT activist, who is now Belgium after he escaped for asylum. A brutal murder took the life of a young transsexual woman. She had a degree in Spanish from the University of Algiers. Her family threw her out on the street and, on the street, she could only find work as a sex worker to support herself. She lived in Algiers and went out every night to corners and streets frequented by sex workers and their customers. One night, four weeks ago, she was attacked by a group of strangers who beat her up severely. In the hospital, she arrived badly injured and died shortly after. She is one of many other transsexuals who fight for their lives constantly, day in and day out, in the Arab world. I hear of many transsexuals who die every year in Algeria. This one was reported to my friend by someone who works in the national HIV prevention program. How many others go unreported? The authorities are indifferent in the face of discrimination, and all of us who are silent are accomplices in these murders.

Rest in peace, little sister, and if God exists, let him know I am outraged at this injustice.

Contributed by Randa Lamri, a trans activist.

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