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Transsexuality Through Nan Goldin’s Lens

Nan Goldin is an American photographer known for her documentary style photographs. Most of her work is a biography of the life of… more »


A Day to Remember

November 20th, many of you might say it is just a regular day. Many may ask what’s so special about it. In 1998,… more »


With All Due Respect

My parents taught me how to introduce myself to people. Easy enough the formula was: Greetings, my name is… Later on in school,… more »

Trans Column

For I am my Father’s Son

Of all the memories I  have of my childhood, one repeated incident stands out. Its timing changes, and its people change, but 3… more »

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In 5 Steps: From F to M

The following are transition steps from Female to Male (FTM) the way I see it, based on my own experiences and point of view.



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Some Mugs

This week’s Bekhsoos is a full issue featuring artwork from our queer community. Enjoy!

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Queer/Trans vs. Gay/Lesbian

Talk Given at the Women’s Pre-Conference of the 25th World Conference of ILGA in Sao Paulo, Brazil by Haven Herrin My queer community… more »